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Dobby is lost!

Lost Date May 14th, 2:01am
Wearing collar? Yes
Wearing DocuPet tag? Yes
Last seen at 2127 Valley Rim Glen, Escondido, CA 92026, USA
Lost dog: Emerald Heights area Dobby, MiniPincher, 10lbs, Black and Tan Got out under the fence about 2am Tuesday morning. Very friendly.


pet found at marker location on map


Dobby, a Black, Tan Miniature Pinscher Dog
Tag Code N0FJ3RY4 (Expired)
Breed Miniature Pinscher
Species Dog

Basic Information

Color Black, Tan
Gender Male
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Microchip Number 985113007575174
Pet Date of Birth 03/17/2021
Pet Biography Shots (Due): 04-17-2023 Bravecto 04-17-2023 Strongid 04-17-2023 Bordetella (04-17-2024) 04-17-2023 Rabies [Babvac 3 #E071889A] (04-17-2024) 05-01-2023 DA2PPV (05-01-2026)

Owner Information

Owner Name Jonathan Beattie
Cell Phone Number (760) 566-6951
Email Address jtedb1@gmail.com
Home Address 2127 Valley Rim Gln
Escondido CA 92026

Pet Care Information

Medical Information